The many benefits of relocating to beautiful Borstahusen

The Borstahusen area in northern Landskrona is undergoing exciting development in order to welcome even more inhabitants. Commuting and enjoying life has never been easier or more pleasant.

On the Lill-Olas beach, sunbathers can relax in the shade of the pine trees.
On the Lill-Olas beach, sunbathers can relax in the shade of the pine trees.

A wonderful life for you and your family

Borstahusen is well-known for its long beaches, sea-side activities and picturesque semi-detached houses dating back to the 18th century. The proximity to the 36-hole golf course, harbor and spectacular nature has made Borstahusen a very sought after and attractive housing area. In August, the new International English School (IES) will open to meet the needs of Borstahusen and Landskrona’s families with children between 6 to 15 years old.

Sea-side golf in the morning – airport lounge by noon

The coastal town of Landskrona is over 600 years old and located in the north-west of Skåne. Within an hour, inhabitants are able to reach several international airports, such as Malmö and Copenhagen airport, as well as several academic institutions such as Lund University, by car, train or bus. These factors among the access to a well-developed infrastructure and land for exploitation have been beneficial for several international companies that have settled in Landskrona.

When property developers Veidekke launched the first wave of their new houses in northern Borstahusen back in 2015, the interest was so immense that all houses sold-out within days. Good news is that Veidekke has launched a second wave, and property developers Derome also have houses on the market for anyone interested in becoming a part of wonderful Borstahusen. This spring/summer HSB will start building their co-operative apartments and terrace houses. Due to the public’s interest, both waves will be built will in parallel, simultaneously

Borstahusen is waiting for you

For more information on current and future houses and apartments’ availability, please refer to the property developers’ websites for contact information and details:

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